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I’ve wanted to do this for years, weighed the pros and cons, and I decided to go for it.

I’m going to have my DNA tested.


  • finding out I’m more susceptible to specific diseases or ailments – kinda ruins the surprise
  • the conspiracy theory of giving up a sample of my DNA, and tying it to all my person information although if someone wanted it, they could get it in many other ways. 


  • finding out I’m more susceptible to specific disease or ailments so I can monitor my health or find out if I’m a carrier for 48 different inherited conditions that are currently being tracked if I was ever going to reproduce
  • finding out interesting facts about my ancestors.  I’ll find out how much African, Asian, and European ancestry I have.  I’m guessing I’m 100% European, but will I find out a surprise?
  • After my results are done, I can find relatives who share DNA and ancestors who have also been tested
  • Find out my genetic chance of developing conditions like Type II Diabetes or Alzheimers or having age related macular degeneration
  • Some medications can cause different responses based on DNA variations. Maybe I need to know this

How this works

23andMe sends me a saliva test kit and I will spit a few millilitres into it.  I mail it back to their lab and in 2-3 weeks I receive my results online through my 23andMe online account.

Ongoing research

I can choose to continue to fill in surveys to allow researchers to compare my responses to my genetic data. These are anonymous and optional.

I’ve already started participating in some of the surveys. After I submit a survey, it compares my answers to everyone else who has taken the survey. It is remarkable how many people are on prescription medications or have been treated for depression or are in chronic pain (not me). Other than being overweight, I seem incredibly healthy compared to the rest of the population (so far).

Join Me

Want to join me in this DNA journey?  Right now the service from 23andMe is on sale for a limited time for just $99.
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