+9 right now and pouring rain and very windy.

December 22 2012 webcam


Today I am cleaning the house, washing bedding for Mom & Julie, and maybe I’ll get to the baking.

Jeff is in New Glasgow picking up the ATV from Honda. This is the second place he’s taken it to, and they had no idea what the problem was, but hopefully they figured it out.  All signs now point to a faulty $10 sensor that is located somewhere in the machine’s core and requires some sort of dismantling to replace.

We have a heavy rainfall warning right now. 20-40mm with 70 km/hr winds. There is a slim chance of snow tomorrow, and then not again until Thursday so I think we’ll be having a green Christmas. At least the weather will be good to travel to Truro to pick up our guests.

It is our wedding anniversary today. FIVE years!