Just a little update from our celebrations.

So far Mom, my sister Julie, Jeff, and I have :

  • ate
  • played Wii for 6 straight hours
  • snacked
  • cooked
  • ate
  • played cards
  • went to town a couple times for more food and supplies
  • ate
  • watched tv
  • snacked
  • cleaned the kitchen
  • ate
  • took down all the Christmas stuff and put it away
  • listened to my screams as Julie waxed my legs
  • prepared food
  • sorted the recycling
  • went to a pot-luck dinner party
  • played checkers

Good vacation! A little filling though!

Jeff and I have successfully converted Mom and Julie into diehard Duck Dynasty fans.  Mom was just disgusted by the show at first, and now she’s begging for more and trying to find out what day it airs so she can watch it at home.  Julie has become a diehard Uncle Si fan.

Weather update. We’ve been on the mild side of both of the big storms.  We don’t have enough snow to cover the grass, but it rained for several hours a couple days back before refreezing so there is a rock hard snow base. Now it is getting quite cold. Maybe tomorrow we’ll bring in another load of wood.  Mom and Julie are always cold.  I’m in shorts.