Turns out I never have anything to say on January 31. I have a little widget in the sidebar that displays what I have posted on this day in previous years and today it is blank! Next year I will appreciate this post.

Not much new.  We’re in the midst of a wild hurricane-like weather spell.  It was +12 today and raining with 100km/hr wind gusts. It has been -20 at times this month and the ground was frozen.  Yesterday when the temperature shot up to 0 it was ridiculously slippery outside in the rain. The rain was freezing quickly on concrete and I walked across campus to and from a meeting by shuffling my feet and grabbing railings wherever possible. The asphalt wasn’t quite as bad. Luckily I followed a salt truck most of the way home.

The faculty at the university were I work are on strike this week.  I went out at lunch today to carry my union’s flag and walk their line. They seem very strong and determined to have their voice heard.  Meanwhile the students numbers on campus have quickly dwindled. Campus is eerily quiet with no classes.  One coworker said it felt like the twilight zone.  My union is in conciliation with our employer now so hopefully we reach a successful conclusion shortly or we will also be on the picket line.

Hmmm. In retrospect, maybe I should have left today vacant.  I’m rather uninspiring.  The internet is painfully slow and disrupted tonight. Time to go offline.  Jeff’s watching Duck Commander. I think I will join him. Ta ta