I tried to repeat last year’s birthday dinner for my Mom.

I called in a pizza order for her from her local pizza delivery joint, complete with wings and salad and pop and Jos. Louis for dessert (who knew Joe Looeys are spelled Jos. Louis).


But when I asked if I could pay in advance with my credit card?

“No, someone wrecked it”

“So I can’t pay with my VISA?”

“Nope, someone wrecked it for everyone. Cash only on delivery.”

F’n scammers. Trying to wreck Mom’s birthday dinner.

Now what was I going to do. I couldn’t really order dinner and have a surprise delivery and have the driver waiting for his cash. I said I’d call him back.  Our internet was out. I couldn’t search for any other restaurant to see if they deliver.

Luckily Julie had just arrived at Mom’s for the birthday celebrations, so I was able to not-discretely-at-all get her on the phone to pick up the order and pay for it for me.

This birthday plan will need a serious overhaul for next year.

By the way, anything awesomer than seeing a pic of your Mom with a birthday candle in a Jos. Louis?