Photos from the weekend blizzard

Here are some photos from the weekend blizzard.  Because we’ve had snow/rain/ice/snow the snow is packed hard onto the spruce trees with icicles hanging down.
2013 02 10_0005 I love this photo!2013 02 10_00012013 02 10_0010Argh! Second trip down and the snow was too deep! I had to bring down the shovel so Jeff could dig out the ATV.2013 02 10_00142013 02 10_0002

Front door is drifted in!
2013 02 10_0011All done!2013 02 10_0015

2013 02 10_0022



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3 Replies to “Photos from the weekend blizzard

  1. I wonder why the blue car is is driven in but a smarter Jeff has his truck backed in so he is set to tackle any snow that may fall hummmm.

  2. Well that one is easily answered.
    If the blue car slows down at the top of the hill to turn around, the blue car may cease to move forward and spin out on slush/ice/snow.
    The blue car is just happy to not be parked by the road all winter.

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