I’m a little sleepy this evening.  Last night I woke up a couple times to “What time is it?”.  The power kept going out and Jeff needed me to check my watch so he could reset the alarm clock.

The power was back by 6am when I got up.  It was already starting to get light outside so I went out with Monty with the camera.

It snowed all night. I’m guessing the snow got too heavy for some power lines or branches and that took the power out.2013 03 04_0006

It was mild and the snow was great packing snow.2013 03 04_0005

There wasn’t even a hint of a breeze so all the snow stuck to whatever it landed on overnight.2013 03 04_0004

2013 03 04_0003

2013 03 04_0002

2013 03 04_0001I love winter!