I was trying to avoid making a blog post while I am sick but I hear I have been missed (hello Aunt Dona!).

Friday was a big day. My union local avoided a strike (thank goodness). By 2pm I felt it starting. By the time I got home from work I was slathering on the Vicks VaporRub (which is incredibly weak these days isn’t it?).

The weekend was spent moaning with misery, chills, sweats, coughing, sleep. Fever left yesterday (Monday) but my head is heavy, as if it weighs 100 pounds, my ribs and side muscles are in agony from coughing fits, my ears are clogged, my teeth hurt, my nose is running, my throat hurts, I am still lightheaded. The cough fits are so bad it feels like I am going to cough my frontal lobe right threw my forehead if I don’t pass out first because I can’t stop coughing to inhale.

And now my poor husband has it!

I don’t even know where this came from. I didn’t know anyone was sick. In the climax of patheticness today, I grabbed the stove when I was standing in the kitchen to brace myself during a big sneeze and I twisted my arm muscle! So ridiculous!

Now we are both too fog headed and sick to drive and we are 20 mins from town so luckily we haven’t needed anything beyond our current stocking of ginger ale and microwaveable food.

Monty, our golden retriever, is bored stiff. Poor guy.

I thought this was a cold but Mom (retired nurse) said the flu is respiratory. I thought the flu was only when you spend time hanging over the toilet.

Still wouldn’t get the flu shot šŸ˜‰ I will survive.

My work keys, swipe card, and iPad were locked up by administration on Friday in case of a strike. I rarely used that iPad but I sure miss it when I am sick. (Typing this on my iPhone).

Only 2 work days missed so far, I can catch up.

Ok bed time. I know it is only 8:30pm but I’m not myself.