It was -14°C this morning on the way to work with a -21°C wind chill!  It was snowing, and the roads are snow covered and icy.  Jeff had to plow the driveway yesterday!

The Pictou Causeway was closed for awhile today due to poor visibility. Even though the sun was gorgeous today, was really windy and drifty and cold!

Two more snow “storms” are predicted for this week. I’m travelling to a conference for a couple of days so hopefully my plans aren’t disrupted.

The Great Flu of 2013 is also hanging on.  It is settled deep in our chests and we cough and hack.  Jeff is finally sleeping through the night again without too much coughing.  I just gave us both a dose of cough syrup (Jeff went with Robitussin, I prefer Buckley’s) because we’re both coughing so much.  I still feel like my brain is going to come through my forehead when I cough.

Bad news – we ran out of seasoned firewood!  I guess we need to make a better effort to have wood delivered in spring so we can have it stacked and drying.  We have plenty of wood stacked, but the moisture content is still about 26%.   Jeff officially declared the wood stove done for the season and we’ve turned some of the electric baseboards on. This has an interesting side effect of being able to sleep in in the morning, and not spent “quality time” sitting in the basement after work and before bed re-stoking the fire.  I guess this is how “normal” people with central heating must live 😉

This also means, though, that my plants under the light hood in the basement have to come upstairs because there is no heat down there now and it is COLD.  I’m moving my herbs (just have parsley, tyme, basil, and rosemary growing right now) up to the guest room upstairs on the front of the house where the sun is really strong in the afternoon.  My pot of baby lettuce mixture didn’t do well at all so it might be a lost cause.  It just wasn’t warm enough for lettuce downstairs this winter.

Wonder how long until the herbs can go back outside!?!

I think it’s close enough now to officially call a delay in the start of our boating season. It is going to be -9 tonight and tomorrow night. The lake is frozen solid and it is already the 18th of March.  I don’t see a thaw coming before the fishing season opens on our lake on April 1st, but it’ll have to thaw eventually!