Its the end of a great week!  Here are some highlights:

  • went to the annual forestry conference. Had a great time, as always
  • caught up with some forestry friends
  • listened to a great bluegrass band called Modern Grass
  • had a meeting with a new client
  • talked to another potential client
  • had dinner with a former co-worker
  • missed 2 big snowstorms.  Poor Jeff had to plow 2 feet of snow out of the driveway yesterday morning, got stuck a couple times, had to pull himself out, all while still coughing up a storm
  • spent a couple nights in a hotel
  • actually slept well in the hotel and almost slept in yesterday
  • best part of a hotel is the hard massage shower with awesome water pressure. Could have stood in that shower all day
  • did realize my teaspoon estimation is way way off. Still have this awful post-flu cough and I bought some cough syrup. I had no spoon in the hotel and guessed it as I poured it in my mouth and got super cough syrup drunk for a couple hours. Haven’t touched it since.
  • did a bit of discount shopping.  Zellers is still in its liquidation sale and I got 3 bras I like for just $6 each (70% off last discounted tag price).  They were even selling their shopping carts!

Now it is a beautiful Saturday morning. Jeff is at a course all day today and back again tomorrow so I can lounge, work on sites, catch up on all the tv shows I taped this week on the PVR.

We have lots of snow and it was -13 this morning when we got up.  Winter is still holding on!