Sunday afternoon

Sunday afternoon

The snow has continued all weekend, but the sun keeps shining through too 🙂

Last night we went to Boston Pizza to use our Christmas gift certificate.  We stuffed ourselves and drove home in a BLIZZARD.  I kept saying we were going to drive out of it, but we didn’t until we were just about at our driveway.

Jeff is at the second day of a course today. I know he was hoping to be done his exam and home early, but it is already twenty to five and he isn’t home yet. He’s going to be grumpy! At least he has this week off so he isn’t rushing back to work tomorrow.

I finally got around to collecting my saliva sample for and will try to get it out by courier today.  I’m excited to find out where my ancestors stem from, and if there are any surprises!

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OK here’s hoping the sun has melted the ice off the butt of that lawnchair, because I’m going to go soak up some vitamin D!