A true carnivore and grill man can never be satisfied with just a propane bbq.  How could it ever have the true bbq taste?

Today Jeff bought a $40 charcoal briquette Canadian Tire special.

She’s a beaut, isn’t she?

2013 04 07_0021

And we got the necessary accessories:
2013 04 07_0022

Anyone remember how to do this?  
2013 04 07_0026

Add a little fluid.
2013 04 07_0029

Stand back and throw a match. And another…. and another….
2013 04 07_0044

Woo hoo! We have fire!

And then nothing.

“This fluid isn’t as flammable as it used to be.”

Add more….
2013 04 07_0046

YES! Fire ball!
2013 04 07_0050

Hmmm. These aren’t completely graying over like the bag said.  Maybe they are no good. Maybe we were supposed to put them in a real pyramid, not just a quick pile.  Maybe we just wait.
2013 04 07_0054

Tequila lime chicken is the carnivore dish of the day.  We had the chicken marinating over night in tequila, lime juice, orange juice, cilantro, and spices.
2013 04 07_0055

Maybe if we close the lid it’ll get hotter….
2013 04 07_0056

Mmmmmm the smell of the charcoal is so good. Takes me back to the hibachi days of my youth.  The smell of campgrounds and backyards.

I really want to peel off this sticker.  I suppose I’ll burn up.  What if I was just really fast.  Grab and rip like a bandaid.  “Don’t you touch it,” Jeff said.
2013 04 07_0057

OK enough waiting, time to GRILL!
2013 04 07_0069

I wandered away for awhile.  Put a toque on. Winter boots. Whined about seeing my breath and cold hands.

Came back to find a fire had been relit 🙂
2013 04 07_0070

Finally, chicken is ready!!
2013 04 07_0076

So delicious. Jeff made a killer potato salad too. I don’t like potatoes, but cover them with gunk and chunks and I’m in.