My sister Julie’s birthday is coming up so I thought I’d do a little birthday shopping for her today.

First, we got our fishing licenses for 2013 with the hopes our lake is going to eventually thaw.


We got some worms too. Notice that they aren’t for human consumption. Good to know.


Then I went in search for the perfect present. Here are a couple things I spotted:





Nothing really jumped out at me though. Maybe I’m shopping in the wrong stores.

Then we drove the back roads for a few hours. Most of the lakes are still frozen.

2013 04 06_0005

This was neat. It was in the middle of nowhere off a back road. The water was going in the hatch and coming out the culvert below.

2013 04 06_0006

All the back roads are a mess. Muddy, full of pot holes, and all the culverts are poking through.

2013 04 06_0007

2013 04 06_0008

We found a pond that was open and I think all the mallard ducks found it too!

2013 04 06_0011

Lots of robins around today!