Jeff and I swapped vehicles yesterday and he took my car to his mechanic for an oil change and for a little investigation into the squeak I’ve been hearing from the back end.

In the afternoon they called him at his office with an update.  They changed the oil.  They think the squeak is just some bushings than need some lubrication.  But the mechanic wanted Jeff to come down to talk in person.


How bad is the news going to be if you have to go in person?

Turns out my 2007 Dodge Caliber is no longer structurally sound.

The mechanic found a hole in the frame and he said it will definitely not pass its biannual safety inspection in September.

He said it is the third Caliber he has seen this month with the same problem.

ACK! I knew we should have undercoated it! But we thought we were going to turn it in at 5 years so we hadn’t bothered. Do you think the winter road salt is to blame? Or is it the manufacturer’s fault?

The new piece of the frame is $800 plus labour.