My Ancestry Composition is available on now 23andMe where I had my DNA tested.

23andMe describes Ancestry Composition as “what percent of your DNA comes from each of 22 populations worldwide. The analysis includes DNA you received from all of your ancestors, on both sides of your family. The results reflect where your ancestors lived 500 years ago, before ocean-crossing ships and airplanes came on the scene.”

My DNA is (both sides of my family combined):

  • 99% European
  • 0.6% Sub-Saharan African
  • 0.3% Native American
  • 0.1% Unassigned

My 99% European is further broken down:

  • 91% Northern European
  • 0.2% Southern European
  • 7.8% Nonspecific European

My 91% Northern European is broken down further:

  • 13.4% British and Irish
  • 2.4% French and German
  • 0.5% Scandinavian
  • 74.8% Nonspecific Northern European