We set out this morning in the rain to Truro with a few missions in mind:

  • find the used riding lawnmower place Jeff heard about
  • get patio furniture
  • find me a new pair of sandals
  • and a couple new pairs of shorts

We struck out.  0 for 4.

BUT here’s what we did do:

Since I have a pee sized bladder (HA get it?), we had to stop at a road side park. You wouldn’t BELIEVE how many mosquitos were in here!


We couldn’t find the lawnmower man anywhere.  Of course Jeff didn’t have a name, or a street, or a description, other than the owner may or may not be in a wheelchair.

We skipped past Truro and went to the Masstown Market.  LOVE LOVE this place. Wish it was closer.  Fresh produce. Mmmmm….


Jeff bought some fiddleheads (which I have NOT acquired a taste for yet. )


I’ve never heard of a lobster pie!?! Jeff said “no way”. 🙁 Kinda big for a one person pie so it stayed at the market.


I tried to find another couple pairs of casual shorts for the summer, but the chunky lady store only had capris.  I hate capris.  All of my wintery white Canadian legs need the sun, not just my calves!

The sandal hunt was a bust too.  Is it too early for sandal and shorts shopping?  Usually you have to shop in the spring or you’re outta luck! Maybe I’ll have to buy some online.

Then went to see the price of the Muskoka chairs that always surround the Saltscapes store…. BUT THERE WASN’T EVEN ONE there! What is going on? They had about 1/4 of the merchandise inside than I’m used to seeing inside. It was so sparse and bare, like they were going out of business. However the restaurant had a 15 minute wait for a table, so we moved on.


We went to the Chow Family restaurant in Truro for some Chinese food. My combo plate was big enough for dinner too, so I took half home.  If you haven’t been to The Chow Family restaurant, you really ought to go some day. They have an entire tiki hut room that is so cool – like you’re on survivor. I’ve only seen it open at supper time.


Then we hit up the Army Surplus store south of Truro. So many old shoes and pants and parkas and trunks and even a gas mask Jeff dared me to try on.


We continued south down to Lantz and stopped at a hunting store. It didn’t have what Jeff was looking for, so we took the backroads back up to Westville and then headed home.