It wasn’t too long ago that I learned Google was shutting down its Google Reader product.

I was so shocked and surprised that access to a product I relied on so heavily could just be cut off.  It was like hearing of a sudden death. It was personal.

It led me to writing a rant, saying I was never going to rely on on someone else to organize my news feeds again, and I can do it all myself, and somehow that led to ranting on the dumbing down of the world and how the future is going to have no coders and we were all doomed.

Well here is an update.

I don’t think we’re doomed (although I still more people should learn to code).

I also ended my use of Tiny Tiny RSS last week. It was great being able to manage my RSS feed subscriptions on my own server, but the front end was just too slow, and I don’t have the time to help improve it.

I’m now trying Feedly again and I actually like it.  Yes, it is an external service. I have lots of control over the look, it has a mobile version, and it’s quick and responsive.  I’m still  concerned they don’t yet have a way to export my data (.opml format) but since they sync with Google Reader (for now), I can still export my feed information from Google. Every service you use online should allow you to easy export your data (like does).

So my new lesson is: Maybe I don’t have to do everything myself 😉