Will I miss my morning commute?  Only 13 more morning drives to work.

This morning was beautiful.  Cool, but sunny. +2C. Mist rising up off the lake. Rowers were out training in the cool mist.  I should have stopped to take their photo.

There was frost around the strawberry farms. I hope their sprinklers were on again for another night and the berries are safe.

I drove through a thick patch of fog and turned my headlights on temporarily.

Up the road I slowed down and entered the other lane to miss a porcupine waddling up the side of the road.  It’s rare to see them alive because they are so often road kill.

Then I saw 2 or 3 deer way back in a field on a hill in the sun, snacking on the dewy grass.

Ready for another busy day.  Hoping to get in touch with the computer repair shop for the diagnosis of my desktop.  I’ve been moonlighting 4pm-11pm at a new company, working from home.  If it works out, it could lead to my next career.  *yawn* It’s not easy working almost every hour of the day, but I can do it!  So glad I have Carbonite so I know all my files are safe from my dead computer and I can access any of them from my cloud storage.

Enjoy your Wednesday!