Up at 5:30 this morning. Couldn’t sleep.  Pets were up. Thought I might as well be too.

It’s a rainy morning here.  The bird don’t mind and they are polishing off the rest of the seed in the feeders and are probably wishing I’d hurry up and get out there to top them up!

My computer is home!  The computer repair technician could find absolutely nothing wrong with it.  Booted fine, great machine, very clean, quiet, and a nice system.

So, that means something else is causing the problem.  He suspects one of the peripherals I plug into it is causing a problem, and I should first look towards any external drive or card reader.  Well I do have an external hard drive plugged in as my first line of backup, and both of my Dell Ultrasharp monitors have a card reader.  Shouldn’t be in cards in them though.

I think that it might be the power bar I have it plugged into.  Perhaps it just isn’t giving the computer enough juice?  What does the computer power supply do if it isn’t getting enough power?  I’m wondering if that is why it wasn’t finding the drives on boot.

And what was causing the faint burning smell?  The technician couldn’t sense any smell when he had it running for awhile in the shop.

I haven’t had time to troubleshoot it yet.  He said to plug one thing in at a time until I figure out what it is.  Jeff wants to start with the not-enough-power train of thought.  I have A LOT of things plugged in in my office, and both power bars are full.  Maybe I’ll have time on the weekend to figure it out.  For now my laptop is working and allowing me to continue working from home in the evenings.

This little HP laptop though gets really hot and the fan kicks into over drive. I have the back propped up on a piece of a 2×4 so more air can get underneath!