I travelled to Montreal last weekend for a 5 day trip to attend WordCamp Montreal and to help out at an advanced WordPress troubleshooting session for women bloggers.

I had a great time! I stayed at L’Appartement Hotel on Sherbrooke Ave. Really great place, I highly recommend it. I was up on the 16th floor. Only thing above me was the pool and exercise facilities. My room had a big screen tv, a full kitchen (and dishes), big bathroom, 2 closets, big desk, lounge chair, AND a door with a balcony!
The WordCamp was really amazing. To think there were over 400 people in one place to talk about the software we all use for our blogs, and businesses! They had 3 streams of talks so I didn’t get to see every talk I would have liked to, but that left me wanting more!

I met some fascinating people, learned more than I had anticipated, and feel a little rejuvenated and excited about my future using WordPress.

I didn’t travel with our camera, just my iPhone, but I’ll add a gallery of my photos. Be sure to click on the photos so you can go through my slideshow with comments.

Lisa’s Travel Tips:

  • Grab a piece of paper off the hotel notepad from your room when you head out to events or when touring. It had the letterhead and hotel address on it, so I could show it to cab drivers to get back when the language barrier got in the way.
  • Hotel rooms with kitchens are the way to go! I was 3 blocks from the grocery store so I got groceries and water and snacks for my stay.
  • Don’t buy the only shoes you are bringing on the way to the airport. You may just end up with blistered, swollen, rash-covered feet if you walk and live in them for the next 5 days 😉