When was the last time you heard me say, “I LOVE MY JOB”?

Because I really LOVE THIS JOB. It feels like Christmas every day.

I think the last time I loved a job so much, I was a summer student working for the MNR in high school.

One of the “perks” of this job is flexibility, so I was able to still have a wonderful lunch out with two good friends today, and I was able to get to the gun range with Jeff for a couple hours late this afternoon.


It was so gross and hot and humid today. The kind of sticky wet weather that makes all the pet stink come out of the carpets and fabrics and the toilets and fridge sweat. Thank goodness for a good breeze at the gun range (especially since it is across the road from the county dump which was really smelling extra ripe today!)

Two bald eagles kept circling around us the entire time we were at the range. They must not be scared of the sound of gun shots! Maybe they know they are protected species and were flaunting their invulnerability?

By the way, I really rock the headset look, eh?


I was real smart this time too. I didn’t get soaking wet feet because I brought my rubber boots! But wow did my calves sweat in these Thinsulate boots!


That’s about all for this blog update. Until next time, keep fit and have fun!

Oh wait, that is Joanne & Hal’s line. Are you watching them on the Canadian Amazing Race? I’m really pleasantly surprised at the quality of the show and the teams. The host is way better than I anticipated. Monday nights, CTV. Tune in.