Beeeeeeautiful only for the lack of another descriptor for holy hell fire that hurts!

I took the garbage out to Jeff’s truck early this morning so he could drop it off at the end of the driveway on his way to work.

I came back inside through the patio door as Jeff went out the side door. He was late but how could we go about our day without our good day kiss?

As we both stood there debating if we had it in us to skip it, suddenly I was screaming with the sudden burning stinging pain on my foot.

Something is biting me!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! Owwww!!!!! It hurts!!!! Ahhhhh!

Jeff came back to find out if I had really lost my mind. Or maybe just to stop my screams from worrying the neighbours.

I yanked off my track pants and ran. Nothing was on my foot. What was it? Ants? A snake? Earwigs? Spiders? Was I going crazy?

Jeff found it. A bee. A bee!

The wild rose bushes are growing into our deck stairs again. I guess I picked up the stinging bugger as I carried the trash through.

It is now 15 hours later and it is stinging as bad as when it first happened. All the swelling and puffiness is gone, but wow that bee packed a punch! I even hit the Advil to get through the work day but it didn’t dull it a bit. I can’t see a stinger still in it, guess the bee was just really mean?