There is the possibility of a tropical storm visiting this Friday and I haven’t even told you about it yet!

Excuses? I have many.

Basically, there has been a lot going on!

It’s summer. We’ve done almost nothing we wanted to, but a few things we needed to.

We had a roofing contractor put scaffolding up against our chimney so they could get up to the top to measure the chimney cap. It’s rusted through so we had a new stainless steel piece fabricated. They were able to get up there and measure it so the fabricator could make a new piece to fit around the 3 round stove pipes on the top. I guess it was one of the things the last owner just painted to look like for a sale. It lasted a few more years, but it was starting to leak in a heavy rain.

While they were on the roof, we had them replace the 2 bathroom vents in the roof. They were both past their prime and the one in our master bathroom had started to leak in a heavy rain.

And since they were already up there, we asked them about attic ventilation because our attic seems too hot. Turns out we already have a ridge vent, but we don’t think it is working because of the vents on the sides of the house. Not too sure what to do now, so good thing there is another summer again next year to figure it out.

Today the electricians finally came! We had our electrician out a couple weeks back to spec out a couple jobs we had. Then there was a no show appointment, and today didn’t look good either when they were hours late, but finally they arrived and the wiring work was started!

I’ve needed a new circuit run to my office for awhile because I require too much power with all my computers, gadgets, and tech stuff. We didn’t think that small job would be on the priority list for a busy electrician, so we padded up the job.

Last year Jeff buried a conduit from the house to his new shed when the excavator was here doing a few jobs. Now would be a perfect time to push a wire through it and connect the power from the power panel in the basement with the shed.

We also need a new control panel for our air exchanger, and the electrician said he might have an old one kicking around.

It seemed like it would be relatively short appointment to me, but after several hours of uh-ohs, I saw 2 shovels, a pick axe, a new trench appear, conduit sawed up and dismantled, a hole drilled through the house wall, my husband get stung by wasps when a wasps’ nest got disrupted by the trench digging, saw 2 saws make an appearance, an electrician’s van leave to meet supplies coming from town, Jeff pull the ATV up to the trench to use the winch on the electrician’s stuck fish wire, more uh-ohs, a broken fish wire, an emergency drive to town so I could get some wasp nest killer, first aid and ice to Jeff’s stung elbow because he tends to swell up, all while my office got dismantled, moved around, and wired up. By the end of the day I have 2 new circuits running to my office, 6 new outlets (well 3, each with 2 holes, you know what I mean), and Jeff got power to his shed just in time for him to head out on a work trip. I bet he can’t wait to get home to wire up his shed with power and lighting!

Then I got a message that my cousin Jesse was going to be in Truro for the night! All my family lives 1500+ kilometres away, so when a cousin is only a couple hours drive away, I’m gonna go visit!

I met Jesse at the Giant Tiger in Truro where he parked his empty cattle hauler and I took him for fish and chips at Murphy’s near the train station. It was great to see him! He gets to take a load of cattle over to PEI in the morning. His first trip to Nova Scotia and his first to PEI! I hope he likes that bridge to PEI!

Jesse & Lisa


So about that tropical storm. I have had no time to really track and follow this one. My gut says it’ll miss us and bug Newfoundland, but I’ll check it out tomorrow and let you know if you should be glad we finally fixed the leaky things 🙂