I’ll start this post and add updates, if there are any, for Tropical Storm Gabrielle.

My brother Brian just contacted me to let me know he wanted a storm update 🙂

Gabrielle is a Tropical Depression now and is interacting with a cold front from the west. We were originally expected to be on the west side of the storm, and would get pounded by the rain (heavy rain normally occurs on the west side of a tropical storm and heavy winds on the east).

The track shifted a bit though and now the storm is more aimed at us, so we will get more of the wind and not the rain. There are heavy rainfall warnings in nearby central Nova Scotia, but we don’t have any warnings at all and are just excepted to have winds up to 70km/hr.

My only storm prep has been to take down the umbrella on the patio furniture. I’m not expecting much of a storm, but it is the typical pre-tropical-storm icky here. Humid, overcast, fog sitting below the tree line of the hill on the other side of the valley. The wind is starting to get a little gusty, but there hasn’t been a drop of rain here yet while Halifax has been getting hammered with rain already.

The web cam should be working right now. I’ll update this post if any storm action warrants 😀

Gabrielle's Track from the Canadian Hurricane Centre

Gabrielle’s Track from the Canadian Hurricane Centre

Update: 7:03PM

Not a single drop of rain here. It’s been breezy and now the sky is getting dark in the south. It’s damp and clammy, humid but not really that hot. Just sticky.

Update: 10:08AM Saturday

It was getting really gusty when I went to bed around 11pm, but I slept like a dead fish, and if there was more to the storm, I wasn’t conscious to see it.