Jeff is usually out of town for a week or so around this time of year. It’s my time of year to fend for myself, live the single life, party it up, or really, stretch out across the entire bed, leave the TV on all night, and watch all the girly movies Jeff hates.

Which always backfires when the movies turn into sobbing, tearful, eyelid swelling occasions.

So far I’ve watched:

One Day: Oh what a nice movie, love story, through all the years two best friends can’t seem to fall for each other at the same time, and FINALLY they do. So sweet, no tears, just a nice story, UNTIL SHE GETS HIT BY A TRUCK AND SHMUSHED TO DEATH! WHAT THE HELL KIND OF MOVIE IS THIS! Avoid at all costs. Trailer:

This is 40: Loved this movie. My kind of humour. Nice and long. Wish Jeff was here. It was funny married people humour. Only a few tears. So good I may just watch it again.  Watch the credits, there is a hilarious bit in there with Melissa McCarthy.  Here’s one of my favourite scenes:

I’ll keep updating this list until Jeff returns, so check back for more of my in-depth movie reviews 🙂

Heathers: Yes, the Heathers from 1989. One of my high school favourites. Haven’t seen it in years. Wow does Christian Slater ever look young! He’s totally just a kid in this movie. Oh man, I’ve gotten so old.

Here Comes the Boom: What a great, nice movie. So rare to watch a show where people actually do nice things for friends. I enjoyed this one a lot. It stars Kevin James and Henry Winkler. No tears watching this one. Ok fine, I almost teared up at one spot, but in a good way.

Mama: Wow, I know how to pick ’em. What an odd, creepy movie, that is almost certainly going to give me nightmares. Two girls are raised in the woods for 5 years by a poltergeist. That part was not in the description when I picked it, I swear.

Girl in Progress: Not so good. Didn’t even pause it while I did other stuff. Unless you have nothing else to do on a rainy day and this is airing on your only tv station, you can skip this one.

That’s My Boy: It might be time for Adam Sandler to grow up and do a better movie. Vanilla Ice’s role in this movie was the only saving grace. No tears. No out loud laughs. Only one jaw dropping moment. Now you have to watch it to see what it was 🙂

Toast: Based on a true story. Seems to me like someone needed a movie made after them, but on its own, standing alone as a movie, it was odd and not very entertaining. No tears. Not memorable.