It’s our Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend, aka, stuff-yourself-palooza.

The fun started yesterday, when I made two pumpkin pies, all while belting out “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes. Seriously, baking goes better when Jeff isn’t in the house. Singing is a necessary ingredient. (Jeff was out deer hunting.)



Pies turned out a little swirled – guess I didn’t mix the milk in thoroughly. Or I could claim that I was extra stylish and swirled it on purpose. Yes, that’s it.

Today we feasted on turkey, potatoes, carrots, cranberries, fresh biscuits, gravy, dressing, and pie.



(Turkey dinners for 2 are quick, no-bullshit, kind of meals. No table cloths, fancy bowls, serving spoons, or gravy boats required. Why dirty extra dishes? ) (Mom and Julie, we’ll do it up fancy for Christmas) (Speaking of which, did I mention how awesome it is that my Mom and sister are coming out to Nova Scotia to spend Christmas with us again!!) (Already getting excited)

Other highlights of this week:

The fall leaves peaked on Wednesday. I had a lunch out in town, so I got to enjoy a mid-day drive in the sun. I pulled over at Gaspereau Lake to take a few shots on my iPhone. Should have had my real camera with me!



We’ve had frost the last few nights and now the leaves are falling like rain. Still picking a few Scotian tomatoes off our container tomato plants on the front deck. They are the only tomatoes we have any luck with. And lucky for us, they are real tasty!

On Friday we dashed to New Glasgow late in the afternoon for a barrel hunt! Jeff heard of a place that sells used metal and plastic barrels. We’ve wanted a burn barrel for years but they are hard to come by! These ones were rumoured to be for fish oil, but they are marked with chemical labels and spontaneous combustion stickers. Who wants to light the first match?


Today we had to go to Canadian Tire for a couple things. On Sundays here, Canadian Tire doesn’t open until noon. We were a bit early so we got to watch this proud seagull hanging out on someone’s car (yep, he pooped on the car).


The couple things Jeff was looking for weren’t in stock, but I did get bird seed and apple cinnamon car air fresheners. Well worth the trip 🙂

Look at the hottie in aisle #2 !

IMG_1554 As a bonus, it is already Christmas at Canadian Tire! Giddy up! Time to get those lights up!


(Yeah, I know, I’m stuck somewhere between gagging and decorating early myself.)

IMG_1553Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!