Happy 8th Birthday Monty!

Our Golden Retriever Monty turned 8 today!

It was a gorgeous Thanksgiving day, although I admit to spending most of it napping in the sun in a turkey coma. Late this afternoon we took Monty for a birthday swim!

Here’s Jeff being pulled down the stairs by Monty:2013 10 14_0001

I love this next one. A total fluke that Monty swam into the picture:2013 10 14_0008

This leaf was ridiculously red. It said, “Photograph me, please” so I complied.2013 10 14_0010

I did crank up the colour a bit in this next one in Lightroom, just to see if I could make Nova Scotia leaves look like Algoma region leaves. Not quite, but almost:2013 10 14_0014 2013 10 14_0026

I like this one. It came out really dark because of the sun, so I adjusted the exposure in Lightroom to see the leaves again:2013 10 14_0030 Monty could swim all day:2013 10 14_0039 2013 10 14_0044

“Throw it again please!”2013 10 14_0046

The fall leaf colours have peaked here, but the shoreline of this lake, Lochiel, the lake one down from ours, still looks pretty. This was around 5:15pm or so, as the sun was getting low.2013 10 14_0052

We took a walk around the picnic park to let Monty shake off some of the water. There are still beautiful fall colours everywhere. By the way, I couldn’t believe the frost on my car last night! 2013 10 14_0063 2013 10 14_0064 2013 10 14_0065

I remember when Winger and Surf, my last golden retrievers (Monty’s aunt & uncle), hit 8 and I was so worried about their longevity and when they would start their downward climb into their senior years. I was always thinking of the inevitable and when it was going to happen.

I’m so much more laid back this time. I know the gut retching, heart breaking pain of losing a dog, so now I just take it more for what it is. He’s here, he’s happy, he’s healthy, and although he sheds too much, we’re having a good time. And as a bonus, for a puppy that never ever wanted to cuddle, now that he’s 8, he’ll finally cuddle! Although that does mean a few evenings spend on the couch. Shhhh… don’t tell.

Monty is so tired tonight, he had a tough time getting through his birthday rawhide treat tonight 🙂  Soon he’ll be dreaming and ruff ruffing in his sleep. I love hearing doggie dreams!



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