For years I’ve had an inexpensive Logitech webcam propped up on the window frame looking out on the world from my office window.

I *love* being able to share my view, and let all my family back in Ontario see what our day looks like.

However, it has been down more than it has been working for the last 6 months. I finally figured out that my desktop computer’s USB ports kept going to sleep to save power, but now I’ve rearranged my office computers and my desktop is too far from the window. The webcam will work for awhile but the long USB extension cord eventually taps out.

I have no idea what to upgrade to. I’ve been researching and the price ranges from $50-$1500.  I would love tips, advice, recommendations for what set up to try next.

Want list:

  • wireless, so the router can pick it up and assign it an IP and I don’t have to leave my Windows 8 desktop running just to run the cam
  • plugged into power is fine
  • I think an outdoor camera would be neat – we could put it up higher on the front of the house and give a better view that isn’t affected by a wet or foggy window
  • night vision optional, but nice
  • ability to push/grab a .jpg to a remote server so I can display a live(ish) pic on the sidebar of my blog here, and on
  • I run the webcam now with Cam Wizard software (from that uploads a .jpg by FTP to my server every few minutes, and has motion sensor functionality. I can set it to email me photos/videos when anyone comes up the driveway or walks across our lawn or parks on the lawn (or eats my tulips)
  • I do like that the Cam Wizard software allows me to put a time and date stamp on the image. A temperature stamp would be really awesome

Anything come to mind?