It’s a BEAUTIFUL sunny Sunday in November, and warm! Around 10°C.

Before Jeff’s football games started this afternoon, we decided to go up to Beaver Mountain for a hike with Monty.

This is the provincial park where the spruce were riddled with spruce bark beetle and they closed the campground and cut down the infected trees.


Hiking in the fall when there are no bugs biting is really enjoyable 🙂20131117-151055.jpg



We have so much more to explore, but we never know where we are compared to this trail map. We ended up at a cottage at one point, so we went back to the paved walking trail and got out of the mud.20131117-151144.jpg

Look at the big ol’ burls in this stump:20131117-151205.jpg


Thanks to a recommendation from a coworker while I was in Denver last week, I am trying out the Pedometer++ app. The new iPhone 5s I have, has the new M7 coprocessor that allows it to track movement without the battery-draining GPS tracking earlier programs used. This app tracks the movement to record the number of steps and distance you’ve covered each day.

I still have to fiddle with the configuration after I measure my regular stride distance. The app also wants to know your sex, and how tall you are. The neat/creepy feature was that after I installed it, it already knew how far I walked in the 7 days previous.

I don’t always have my iPhone on me, but it is no secret that working from home doesn’t require to much walking. I set the app with a 10,000 step a day goal, but that is no where near my lifestyle at the moment. The most I’ve hit so far is 8,143 steps on the day we visited the Denver museum, zoo, and hockey game.

Our hike wasn’t too terribly long, maybe an hour or so,  but I still am not even at 5,000 steps for the day.