Quick Monty update

I dropped off Monty this morning for the tests and procedures (see yesterday’s post for more).

The vet just called and the news is hopeful:

  • blood work was good
  • x-rays showed no bone involvement
  • 2 teeth have been removed
  • vet is fairly confident whatever this is is soft tissue related only and not bone (ie. not osteosarcoma)
  • vet took 3 good tissue samples
  • Monty will be bloody for a few days as his gums heal from the sample and tooth removal
  • he has stitches to help close the tooth holes
  • tissue samples and teeth will be sent to the vet college pathology lab for tests to find out if it is cancer or a benign growth in his gums

Best part, I can pick him up later this afternoon 🙂

Here he is this morning as we were headed to town. It was -16C and crispy outside!



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