I picked up Monty yesterday afternoon from the vet. He was still really out of it – either from the anaesthetic or the pain shot they gave him.

He was still bleeding a bit from his gums, so he spent the evening and overnight in the x-pen in the kitchen so he didn’t bleed elsewhere in the house.

We were instructed to only give him a bit of water last night and then hold his food until today. Can’t say he was impressed by that 😉


Other than worrying about Monty, I had a great birthday on Monday.

Jeff treated me to birthday cake, Chinese Food, and beautiful roses that I’m keeping on my desk because they smell so good!

IMG_1874 IMG_1888IMG_1892

Look at the Inspector Gadget gloves I got from Mom! Go Go Gadget!!


You know how much I love watching our weather. Jeff got me a weather station! Yay!

It requires a pole outside and another sensor up on the house so I’m afraid I may not get to play until spring. Which just won’t do. So I need to hope for a thaw for a few days 🙂

Monday night, my birthday, was the night before Monty’s tests and tooth removal, so we cuddled with him in bed a bit.





Another typical Nova Scotia storm moving in today. It was -20C last night, and today we’re supposed to get  20-30cm of snow with 50km/hr winds, ending in rain again and +1C.

It’s already snowing this morning. I was out early to fill up the bird feeders. Here’s a webcam shot right now:

webcam2We’ve had 2 crows here all week. I see one of them, nope both of them, have just arrived.

Webcam photo

I have a new fascination with crows after watching this video: