There I was, sitting in my massive travel trailer, getting ready for a nap, hoping my company would leave so I could see if the antennae on the TV got any reception, when BEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP, and I was awake. My luxurious trailer was just a dream.

4:50am. Power came back on, making everything electronic in the house beep. Monty woke up and started whining. Outside I could hear rain and some wind. Then the power went out again, and back on again. Then the carbon monoxide detector starting going off.

Jeff went to unplug the carbon monoxide detector, and I went to look out the window. I could see a light across the lake that wasn’t familiar. We live on the more populated, highway side along a long narrow lake. The far side has a gravel road with mostly seasonal cottages. Only a few year round residences can be seen from our place, and this light wasn’t coming from one of their yard lights.

Then it got way brighter, like a big shower of sparks. I was afraid someone’s camp was on fire. Then there was a huge flash that lit up our house, probably close to a kilometre away, and the power went out again. Must be a transformer fire! For the next 10-20 minutes, it kept exploding with a huge  flare that cut the power each time. But with the power out, there was still a light. Quickly the power was restored, just to repeat the cycle.

Jeff called Nova Scotia Power to report it, but he said they didn’t seem to care much and then the power went out again cutting off the cordless phone he was on. This time though, the light went out and the far side of the lake stayed in the dark and our power was restored.

So now it is almost 8am. Jeff was just out spreading sand and salt on the driveway. It is pouring hard rain and the driveway that was snow covered yesterday is now a thick sheet of ice covered in water. He’s not confident he wants to drive down it, so I wonder if he will be staying home today.

Whoa, thunder and lightning!!

Haven’t seen a power crew yet. Looks like 165 customers on the far side of the lake and beyond are without power.

Looks like we have a rain warning still in effect, with a wind warning for tonight for 90 to 110 km/h wind. Fun!

Well since we have power and internet right now, I guess I should get my work day started.

I’ll leave you with a snapshot of the Halifax radar image right now:

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 8.07.58 AM