Server Move

After a lot of research, debating, agony, I finally executed my server move.

Now that I’m no longer in the web design, development, hosting business, it has taken months to get my old clients off my dedicated server and move everything else to a new option. Without paying clients, the dedicated server was a luxury I just couldn’t continue to justify.

I’ve dropped all my affiliate sites that I had for years, and am just keeping personal things, this blog, family blogs, family email accounts, a few simple sites for friends, and a couple sites I don’t have the heart (yet) to discontinue: and

But what is the best alternative for hosting these sites now?

I can’t go back to a shared hosting experience with a cheap host. VPS are so pricey and oversized for my needs. I’ve had enough of HostGator and their rapidly declining support and uptime and needed a new company. I tried for a bit, but I’m trying to get out of the fiddle-fix-break-research-fiddle-fix-is-that-the-sun-rising business.

So I stopped the months of research, I just picked one. I went with a Site5’s Cloud web hosting. Something new, fresh, yet still with a cPanel hosting experience.

The migration wasn’t without trouble though, but after a couple days of stress, conflicting usernames, password changes, blacklisting my own ip, interaction with several customer support reps, I think things are finally sorted out. As stressful as it was, it was much easier not having any heavy traffic sites anymore, like ForestTalk, to worry about during a server migration. (It has been archived and taken offline.)

So we’ll see how it goes. Already my sites feel like they are loading so much quicker. Maybe just wishful thinking. I should have saved some metrics from the last host to compare. But then again the goal of all of this is to get out of all the side projects that keep me tied to a computer 24/7, so up, down, faster, slower…  whatever…  🙂



Lisa (Verkley) Schuyler is a blogger reporting live from her new home in Canada's Yukon Territory. Often found wearing a hoodie, covered in pet hair, Lisa is a mis-placed forester who now spends her days engineering happiness for WordPress users. Lisa loves nature, animals, and most importantly, her handsome husband Jeff.

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