I am a HUGE winter Olympics fan. I don’t think of the Olympics much until they start, and I get sucked right in, glued to the events.

CBC did such an excellent job of coverage. I have zero complaints. It was so far beyond expectations. We must have had 6-8 TV channels covering the events, and the online coverage was incredible. The mobile app was great, and I loved the push notifications to my cell phone for score and event updates.

The last couple of Olympics that CTV carried had me ranting and raving about their awful commentators, and coverage. I hope CBC has the rights to all future Winter Olympics, even if it all came out of my tax dollars, because it was just that good.

It’s hard to pick a favourite event, but I really enjoyed the women’s hockey again this year. I enjoy watching it so much more than the men. After watching the women’s hockey, I realize how much body checking detracts from the game. There’s also way less spitting, which is a pleasant treat 🙂

I love the sense of the entire country watching along with me, especially for the final hockey games. What a sense of national pride. What else brings us all together?

It was neat having my brother and his family actually at the Olympics, and at some of the events. I was able to Facetime with them yesterday. Sounds like they are having a really great vacation.