Random updates: Great Gatsby, Zeus, Jeopardy, and the sunset

Were you watching Jeopardy tonight?


Kinda cool seeing WordPress.com on Jeopardy!

I just watched The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio. I had to study this book twice in high school and watched an earlier movie rendition years ago. This one was done well. Only because I had to study it so much in school, I can’t tell if it is an incredible love story for the ages, or just a long, stretched out, pompous load of hot air that is worshiped and overdone because someone decided it was a classic. I really can’t tell which. At first I was perplexed by the choice of modern music for the wild party life set in the 1920’s, but I think it was genius. It really help set the scene and make it timeless.

Look at this cute picture of Zeus. He was sitting beside me in the chair, letting me know with his intense stare that it was 5:30pm, and time for his dinner (and prednisone pill).


Zeus is most active from 4:30 – 5:30 each night when he’s trying his damnedest to get my attention and remind me it is time to feed him.

The rest of the day he looks like this:

Whoa, speak of the devil cat, Zeus just walked by. The wood stove must need stoking. Its going to be a cold one tonight with a clear sky.

Isn’t it a splendid winter? Cold and fresh and white 🙂 Tonight the sunset was glorious!IMG_2188-15 right now, and getting colder.

I just saw the life flight helicopter fly over. We’re right under the path of the chopper when it flies to and from Halifax. I always think about who is onboard. It can’t ever be good, can it? Someone in a car crash? A heart attack? A premature baby? Or an accident amputation? It must be a smoother ride than a long ambulance ride on our bumpy highways.

Thinking of loss, I lost a Great Uncle last week. Only we didn’t really lose him at all, because he left the incredible legacy of his life story for us all to read: Jan Verkley – My Life, the Way it WentJan was my Grandpa Verkley’s youngest brother. Although I’ve known him all my life, I didn’t get to know him as a person until I was an adult, and just adore him and my Great Aunt Miep. It was a pleasure to know him, and to talk about computers, and to get his emails over the years.



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