Dumping a few photos from my iPhone:

Jeff getting a propane tank filled. Turns out that even though the tank is from one of those propane exchanges, the propane guy said it is cheaper to refill than exchange. Go figure.

It was a big day yesterday. Not only did we get propane, we replaced our broken compost bin. They are free at the municipal building.

This week our community got a peek at our new community centre:
Here is Sally who sleeps in an adorable ball of fluff all day. Ahh the life of a cat.
Here’s Zeus. I think his end date is getting closer. Poor guy doesn’t seem to be in discomfort but he has been a little hard and distended in his abdomen past his ribs. His back legs are getting weaker too. But it has been two years and ten months since his terminal diagnosis with an expected short timeline. I hope he is fine while I’m away next week.
Last weekend we went for a drive around some Guysborough back roads. Saw probably 50 deer and 3 bald eagles. Here’s a shot from the Goldboro waterfront looking towards the Atlantic Ocean.