Dumping some random photos from the last week here:

It wasn’t too many days ago that we were covered in snow. The rabbits were already turning brown though! They knew what was coming!20140403-DSC_0183

Last week I signed out of work for lunch and came into the living room to find both cats in one chair. That so rarely happens. But that blanket does look comfy!IMG_2371

Over the past week, we went from winter to spring!

First the corner of the deck melted, so I had to lie down to sun bathe of course!IMG_2380


I promise I washed and brushed my hair that day. The sun just turned it wild 😉

Zeus begs often to go outside for some fresh air and sunshine.IMG_2385

This is the lake last Thursday:IMG_2393


By the weekend the deck was 95% clear of snow and Jeff seized the opportunity to haul the patio furniture out of its basement hibernation.IMG_2401

Zeus is still doing fairly well. I thought he was going downhill last month, but turns out he was just hungry. We’re feeding him soft food more often, but it seems he really only wants the gravy 🙂 Now that the woodstove isn’t warm as often, we see Zeus more. Usually cuddled in blankets:IMG_2405

Yesterday it warmed up to +15 and our first two crocuses popped up!IMG_2417

Looks like a white crocus, or two, may appear today!

The woods is losing its snow cover rapidly, leaving a thick gooey layer of mud to play in. I know you love my sexy boots:


We uncovered the boat and got it ready for Jeff to take to the mechanic today for the boat trailer’s tri-annual inspection.IMG_2423

And we had another front lawn visitor yesterday! I saw him walking around the lawn out of the corner of my eye and just assumed it was a morning dove, but Monty told me otherwise and got my attention to look.

Last night it was mild (+8) and really windy! As a result, we’re ice free!!  I see waves and white caps! I’m betting the wind blew a lot of the ice up to the north end of the lake.

Right now, it is 17°C outside and I have windows open! I’m also ignoring the special weather statement saying spring ends tomorrow and the temperature will plummet 🙂