A cold fishing expedition over the Easter long weekend

Over the Easter weekend, since the ice has finally left the lakes, we thought we better get a jump on the season and get the boat wet!

We tried a new lake this time – Cameron Lake – a smaller lake a few kilometres away from home. It has a beautiful new public boat launch that makes getting the boat in and out of the lake a breeze!

It was starting to get warmer and the sun was coming out when we left home, but by the time we were out in the lake, we realized it was completely freezing, windy, and then it started to rain.20140419-DSCN0056

Jeff’s fish finder marked a few fish, but we didn’t even get a nibble.20140419-DSCN0059

Kinda hard to fish in mittens.20140419-DSCN0062

There was one other boat out fishing, and several other people fishing from shore, so we weren’t the only crazy people. We didn’t anchor so we drifted clear across the lake a couple of times.20140419-DSCN0064

We only lasted a couple of hours before we hauled the boat back out of the lake and headed for home.

This guy, and his buddy, were both in the trees surrounding the provincial fish hatchery on the way home. It might be time to throw the net over the fish ponds! He looks hungry!20140419-DSCN0069

I bet that beak could really leave a mark if you tried to pet him. 🙂 See the size of his feet?!?20140419-DSCN0072



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