Post Tropical Storm Arthur

Well it is 7:45am and the wind is just starting to pick up so I got up to see what’s going on with former hurricane Arthur.

The only prep we’ve done is take down the patio umbrella, but I think I might go move some more flower baskets out of the wind.

The storm is heading for Yarmouth now, still just off-shore.

Already 34914 customers are without power in the province, so I just had a quick shower in case we lose power.

I will update this post throughout the day, if there is anything interesting to report 🙂

Update 8:18am:

58212 customers are without power already! Nothing much here, just a bit of wind, and one quick downpour.

Update 9:29am:

73068 customers are without power now in the province. Jeff is heading to town. He believes he’s storm resistant I guess.

Update 10:26am:

Can’t see how many people are without power now, Nova Scotia Power’s website crashed under all the traffic.

The wind is blowing the petals off my tall orange poppies 🙁

Update 11:54am: 

Jeff’s back from town. Wind gusts have really picked up. Power keeps flickering. News says over 100,000 customers in Nova Scotia don’t have power, but I still can’t get Nova Scotia Power’s website to load to see for myself.

Monty is freaking out. He hates power flickers and wind gusts. I’m not thinking it will get too much worse than this. Lots of leaves and branch tips all over the lawn.

Update 6pm:

Just got our power back. Yay! Spent the time napping and reading more of Pierre Berton’s The Klondike Quest big picture book. Temperature is down to 17C. Ahhh so nice. It’s been hot and humid all week.

138,725 customers still without power.


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