November is here, time to start heating the house!

Jeff threw a load of wood down the basement walkout stairs yesterday and I stacked it in the basement wood rack. Then we had the season’s first fire!


Today is Sunday. Jeff is at a turkey shoot. (From what I understand, they don’t shoot turkeys, they shoot targets, and turkeys are the prizes. Now you know.)  It is pouring rain. Over in New Brunswick they are getting a good snow storm.



On Friday we took Monty to the vet. He had a deer tick on his head by his ear and I could of sworn the head broke off when Jeff pulled it out. I was wrong though, but was glad we went to the vet for a check. He came him an annual exam while we were there and updated his expired kennel cough vaccine so he can board at the kennel any time over the next year.

Monty’s down to 63 pounds now! All that walking/running with Jeff is making him skinny so we’ve increased the size of his meals.

On Friday night we found another deer tick walking on Monty’s back. Ewwww! I already had a tick nightmare last night. We bought some tick pullers from the vet so we have an easier time of pulling it out next time, rather than squeezing it with tweezers.

Stupid Car

Because my car can’t go a month without reminding me its a lemon, yesterday when Jeff and I were heading to town to pick up a few things, the ABS light came on. And the emergency brake light.  And the speedometer stopped working. And it starting dinging. And the service engine soon light stayed lit (it’s been on for awhile – apparently due to a pin hole in the gas tank filler neck).

A Google search tells me it is a faulty speed sensor on the rear differential. Seems like it happens on several Dodge vehicles.

New Bed

Because I spent way too much for my bed at a time in my life when I really didn’t have any money, and paid for that decision for too long, I’ve been convinced my bed is the most comfortable bed in the world.

Turns out I’ve had it for 15 years now. Jeff wakes up every morning with a sore back. So do I, but was so convinced my bed was comfortable, I ignored it.

Then Dad was talking about mattresses, and I had to lay on my sister Julie’s new bed when I visited. Soon enough I saw the light and Jeff and I were mattress shopping.


The problem with mattress stores, is there is too much other fun stuff to look at, and sit on.


The good news is we actually settled on one, really quickly, and it’ll be here in a week. I’m so scared of buying a new mattress, after the nightmare story from Aunt Cecilia about when she hated her new mattress and had a miserable time trying new ones, wishing she hasn’t replaced her old one.

The good news is the store was having a sale and they are throwing in two $135 pillows.

Say what? A $135 pillow? How will I ever get out of bed?

Christmas Shopping

I finished most of my Christmas shopping last night. I decided to redirect my procrastination of other things into doing something proactive 🙂

Update: Jeff is home and he won a turkey! We’re having a bit of thunder and lightning right now, and Jeff just found two more ticks stuck in Monty! AHHHHHH!