Merry Christmas everyone! Here’s how we spent our Christmas.

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve Jeff and I planned to go watch the latest Hobbit movie at the theatre in New Glasgow. We figured we’d go early and have the last chance of the Festive Special at Swiss Chalet! Unfortunately it closed at 3pm because it was Christmas Eve and it was already after 4:30 pm. The Wendy’s / Tim Horton’s restaurant was the only place open until 5, and we just made it in! The workers were counting down the minutes until they closed, and said that the mall would close at 5 and they usually had to lock the doors so everyone didn’t come in while they were closing up.

We thought the movie theatre would be packed on Christmas eve. How wrong we were!  We got there really early and were able to secure our favourite back row, middle seats. Only one other guy came in!  The three of us had the entire theatre!  It got really crowded about 10 minutes until the movie when another couple came in late.

I’ve seen the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit movies up to this one, but I don’t retain much. I’ve never been much for wizards and fantasy stories, but the movie are enjoyable on their surface. This one was 3D again. I don’t really find that 3D adds much to the movie, but there were a few neat effects, like beyond just looking over at Jeff in his ridiculous 3D glasses 🙂

When the movie was over, there wasn’t even staff anywhere to be seen in the theatre complex. Everyone was home with their families for Christmas Eve.

It was a rainy, mild night. We headed home and got the turkey out of the freezer to thaw over night. Before bed I had a bit of a cry, out of the blue. I was suddenly missing my cat Zeus. It is the first Christmas since he died this summer, although not our first Christmas apart. He was such an awful traveller, he did spent a few Christmases by himself in Sault Ste. Marie if I was just going home for a few days. I wanted nothing more than for him to jump up beside in bed so I could hear his funny bubbly purr, and then for me to rub my eyes after petting him, since I was so allergic to him.

Christmas Day

We started the day with video chats, and phone calls, and opening gifts.

The rest of the day was full of chocolate and candy eating, Dr. Who, turkey dinner, and I made Jeff a banana cream pie to remind him of all the great banana pies his Grandma made him on previous Christmases. I stopped our plans to make a couple pumpkin pies too, because there are only two of us, and only so much holiday food we can eat!

The temperature went up to 13 C during the day! We had the balcony door open all afternoon and evening. Christmas lights sure aren’t as pretty without snow.

Boxing Day

Stores aren’t open here on Boxing Day, although we weren’t looking for anything to buy. Jeff went to the shooting range in the morning and in the afternoon we took a nice long walk with Monty on the far side of Lochiel Lake.

IMG_3651 IMG_3652

We don’t have plans for the rest of the weekend. Jeff got me a sand sieve shovel for metal detecting and treasure hunting on the beach, so that is a possibility, although it is only 3 degrees out today, and I’m guessing the beaches are chilly.