My 39th Birthday

I started my birthday in a hot tub in Puerto Rico, and ended it checking into a hotel at the Halifax airport, too zonked to drive all the way home.

When I made it home on Wednesday, I was treated with two dozen gorgeous red roses, and a birthday cake!



For my birthday, Jeff got me the book I really liked when we were on our Yukon trip earlier this year. It is a fabulous, beautiful book all about the edible and medicinal plants that grow in the boreal forest. It is called The Boreal Herbal – Wild food and Medicine Plants of the North by Beverley Gray. It is even signed by the author!

The Boreal Herbal

He also had painting and a print we have framed. They look so nice now. I’ll take a pic once they are up on the wall.

My Dad got me the Corner Gas movie for my birthday!  YES! As soon as we have a day without yucky FOOTBALL on the tv, I’ll get to watch it 😉

Rum is good

I finally caved in to duty free this time on the way home from my trip. I found this bottle of Bacardi Select from Puerto Rico in the Philadelphia airport. The Bacardi bat pourer that came with it sealed the deal 🙂IMG_3627

I am perfecting my own fruity rum drink. Beer is so yucky tasting now. Rum and fruit juice is where its at! This one has a guava juice mix, a couple cherries, and a big spear of pineapple in it.

Christmas Plans

We have none. No Christmas plans. No visitors. Not even a tree. It is really easy to slip into a funk at Christmas. I love hosting parties, spending time with family and friends. Christmas just emphases how segregated we are from everyone.

We’ve gone back and forth on the tree idea. I want one. I don’t one. That’s a lot of work when it is already four days before Christmas, and we’ll just want to rip it down right after Christmas because the best place for it is right in front of the window.

We did put up some of our decorations, and our stockings, and most of the Christmas lights. It is going to be a green Christmas (yuck) with a wind and rain storm forecasted with a high of +10C. That is so un-Christmas like. So, overall, Christmas is going to be real low key for us. I’m just taking Thursday & Friday off this week and next.

The alien

There’s an alien on our kitchen wall. See it?IMG_3629