Car issues – what is going on?

My Dodge Caliber SXT (2007) car always has troubles. Expensive troubles.

Current Symptoms:

  • service engine soon light is on
  • emergency brake light is on
  • ABS brake light is on
  • speedometer works normally sometimes, just jumps up and down sometimes, and sometimes is completely still and sits at 0 km/hr
  • heater fan at times is way too loud
  • Sirius satellite radio only tunes in channel 2 and 184 (latest annoyance) (super annoying)

Last time I took it in to Chrysler for all the dash lights coming on, they shrugged and said it was likely a wiring issue and looking into it would be expensive.

I tried getting SiriusXM to resend the signal. I just sat in my car for 30 minutes with the radio on to channel 184, but nothing was fixed, so I assume that wasn’t the issue.

Fuses? Wires? All the water that sits in the car because the leak they fixed didn’t really fix the leak? East coast dampness? Salt? Age? Lemon?



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