It was warm enough yesterday to pour rain for hours. But since everything was already covered in ice, it just made a bigger mess of the mess. Jeff’s cold is better so he was able to get out to work yesterday, but he didn’t make it too far up the driveway before quickly sliding back on to the road. It was too slippery to even stand!

He was out with the plow a couple times last night, trying to keep the slush down. The ATV tire chains were giving him grief, but without them, he did a 360° spin going down the driveway that I thankfully didn’t see.

Today we woke up to snow almost knee keep! YES!

Unfortunately, it is just too much for our plow!

20150206-DSC_0009 20150206-DSC_0018 20150206-DSC_0019 20150206-DSC_0025

Thankfully our neighbour is saving the day!