I’ve been slowly upgrading my indoor garden from the little peat pods I started the seedlings in last month, to their own pots. I was surprised how many little pots of various sizes I had stored away in the basement!



Oregano (started plant), arugula, and tomatoes in the back. Thyme in the middle. Parsley front right.

It is also amazing how much a tiny little plant can smell. Just touching the tomato, or basil’s little leaves will leave a strong scent on your fingers. Mmmmmm. IMG_3966


Baby parsley.




Rosemary. Started from a plant from the grocery store.


Baby tomato.




Parsley on the left, tomatoes in the middle, mesclun lettuce mix on the right.


Baby tomatoes.

The arugula is probably the fastest grower. Parsley and thyme are the slowest. I found some sage seeds in the store this weekend, so I just planted two pods of sage.

Weather check

This weekend was cold and sunny and beautiful. We had to dig out Monty’s boots yesterday. It was -22°C and he wouldn’t leave the porch to walk in the deep snow in his back yard, and soon enough he was trying to keep all his sore frozen paws up in the air.

Once the boots were on, he pranced around, lifting his paws up in the air like a pony, but he stayed out and I walked him around on a leash so he could sniff the driveway scents.

It wasn’t until today that we got my car unstuck. Stupid little car has zero power in the reverse gear. It was shovelled out, but we couldn’t get it to move. It would spin a bit on the ice but even with Jeff pushing, it just wouldn’t move. Yesterday Jeff put salt around the tires, and then today he wrapped a tow belt around the rear axle and pulled it out with his truck. Can you believe a car can be stuck on this?



We took a drive to New Glasgow for a few things yesterday. Last week’s wind and snow left beautiful snow waves in the fields and on the lakes too. Here’s Lake Gaspereau:


We stopped at a new market that is trying to get off the ground. They had a deal on old bananas so I made 3 loaves of banana bread today and put 2 of them in the freezer. I made them with a brown sugar splenda mix to keep the sugar down for Jeff and cut the amount of sugar the recipe called for in half. It smelled quite delicious in here this afternoon 🙂 Tasted great too!