This morning I put out the blue jay feeder full with the whole peanuts in the shell (see previous post).

For kicks, I put a handful of peanuts on a frozen planter on our front deck. It took less than 5 minutes for the first red squirrel to show up. It was so excited, it quickly grabbed them one by one, and then randomly buried them in the snow all over the deck, and under the deck.

After they were all buried, then it did the rounds again, digging them all up and took them away.

Here are a few of the best photos I took (through the window).

20150209-DSC_0102 20150209-DSC_0099 20150209-DSC_0098 20150209-DSC_0097 20150209-DSC_0072 20150209-DSC_0056 20150209-DSC_0040


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