Yesterday we got up early to go to the Outdoor Sports and RV show in Halifax.


That’s where I go to take selfies with taxidermied animals.IMG_4136 IMG_4135

Afterwards we headed over to Peggy’s Cove. It was only -2 C but the windchill was about minus a bizillion. It was snowing and overcast. Here are a few shots:



The sidewalk to the lighthouse isn’t maintained the in the winter. It was really icy, but you can’t go to Peggy’s Cove and not go give the lighthouse a hug!


You also can’t go without take a selfie.20150307-DSC_0195

The wind was so cold on my face. Luckily I had the scarf Julie gave me for Christmas in the truck, saving my skin from freezing and falling off.20150307-DSC_0196

Just a barren wasteland of rock, snow, and ice beside the Atlantic Ocean.20150307-DSC_0197 20150307-DSC_0198 20150307-DSC_0199 IMG_4141



The lobster season has already opened here. Here’s the Peggy’s Cove village wharf area.20150307-DSC_0204 20150307-DSC_0207


On the way home we saw a boat had sunk! I wonder if it was from the weight of the snow and ice on it?


The Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse webcam has the last day of images saved, so when we got home, I rewound until I saw us on the cam 🙂