I’ve gone 14 days now without junk food, fast food, and no wheat flour or sugar. Yay me!

This is so easy!

A couple of my favourites this week:

Broccoli fried in coconut oil: Put a bit of coconut oil in a small frying pan and then cut up a head of broccoli. I like big pieces with a long stem. Heat the oil a bit and then put in the broccoli. Cover. Don’t cook too long! Just long enough to make the broccoli a little softer and hot.

Tomatoes, shrimp, butter: I just made a dinner for us. In the frying pan I put butter, garlic, grape tomatoes that I cut in half, and about 30 large shrimp. I cooked that up for with some fresh basil I picked from my indoor garden and then served it on a bed of fine rice noodles. Delicious! Fresh basil is heavenly!

Lunch: Most of my lunches are a plate of raw vegetables (lettuce, spinach, mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers), some cheese (cheddar or feta), and some meat, usually left over from the night before (chicken, sausage, fish, or roast beef). I drizzle olive oil and balsamic vinegar on top. Here’s an example with some smoked salmon from the Sherbrooke smokehouse down the road:


Breakfast: Still the same as my earlier post: Oatmeal, raisins, cinnamon, and a few pecans and walnuts. Small splash of maple syrup and then some milk.

Snacks: Other than an apple or orange every day or two, I don’t have any snacks. I’m just don’t feel any need to eat outside of my 3 meals. If I need to have a dessert after dinner, I’ll have a bit of Greek yogurt with strawberries or blueberries we froze last summer.

Drink: Just water. Lots of ice. Sometimes I’ll add a slice of lemon. I thought I would drink less water after getting rid of the salty garbage I used to eat, but I think I’m drinking more. My mug is one litre, and I drink 2-3 of them a day.

Cooking: I’m enjoying preparing all my meals. It feels light years a way from begrudgingly finding something in the cupboard or freezer to cook up. We were away from home yesterday, but I managed fine with a couple of restaurant meals. I had some nice pan fried haddock at Murphy’s in Truro. They put a bit of rice flour on the haddock with pepper. We had breakfast at a truck stop, which didn’t have any healthy options. I ordered bacon and home fries with a side of oatmeal. Their oatmeal with about 3x as much I as eat normally, so I didn’t make much of a dent. Many of the potatoes went back too.

Exercise: I’ve gone on three 45 minute walks with Jeff & Monty this week. The road we’re walking on is really icy so we aren’t getting in the kilometres or speed walking we were in the fall, but it still counts as exercise! Beyond that, not too much, some wood stacking after Jeff throws down a load for the fire.

I’m definitely losing weight, but am not weighing myself. It’ll soon be time to buy smaller track pants as these men’s XL’s I wear around the house are too big (and probably always were).

I’ll post again after I hit a month in!