Today is the third blizzardy day of the last 4 days.

Right now, the snow in the backyard is deeper than my thighs, almost up to my waist! We have to shovel our way OUT of the house door. The snow on the front porch is half way up the front door, and that door is a foot higher than the deck!

Our neighbour with the bucket tractor is going to come in the morning to try to plow us out, if it stops snowing by then.

Overall, we’ve had more snow fall at once before, but the accumulation over the last few days is impressive. The driveway was plowed out yesterday, in fact it was still pretty empty this morning. Not now!

Here are a few pictures from tonight:

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The backyard fence is six feet tall. Not anymore!20150318-20150318-DSC_0228

Here’s a cute one of Monty this afternoon:


I’ll take some more tomorrow after we get plowed out!