Moving sale

It was a lot of work in advance, but I’m glad we had the moving sale this weekend!

My Dad’s cousin JJ and her partner Wayne happened to be driving through the area on their way to Newfoundland, so they stayed for the weekend to help us with the sale. I don’t know how we would have done it without them!


Don’t look too hard at these photos, because you are bound to see things you loved, and things you’ve gifted to us. We are drastically, drastically downsizing for this move, and every day it gets easier to part with our stuff. It actually feels liberating. It is really freeing to reduce! Not to mention the moving company charges by the pound, so every pound we reduce will ease the bill. We’ll also be moving into a smaller rental house with no basement, shed, or garage, so there is so much we just won’t have a place to keep.



Around 7am on Saturday, I took my car down to the bottom of the driveway and blocked off the driveway by parking across it. By 8:30 people were already parking along the road. When Wayne and I went down at 9 to put up the Garage Sale signs and move the car, people were so eager they left their cars down there and practically ran up the hill in a mob, without even waiting for me to get my car turned around or back up the driveway.


A couple items were really popular so people ran for them, like Jeff’s saws, the dog kennel, the fence panels, and the patio furniture.



I parted with many things that used to be so important to me. Back in 1995 I was looking at a lamp at a Thunder Bay garage sale that was super ridiculous. The lady hosting the sale wrapped my arms around it and said, “Take it, take it!”. It went through parties, moving, cigarette’s extinguished in its mouth at University parties, to even being broken in a few pieces. When a lady showed interest, I told her to “Take it, it’s yours!”


Jeff and I watching our moving bill shrink :)
Jeff and I watching our moving bill shrink 🙂
Me & JJ
Wayne & I
Lunch time after the rush.

In the end, we got rid of almost everything and made over 10x what I thought we would. We’ve now sold our riding mower, boat, ATV, plow, wagon, wheel barrow, tires, tools, our spare beds, and some of our furniture. There was very little left after the sale, except for books, but luckily we had a dumpster for the weekend so we quickly threw everything out before I was tempted to reclaim too much.

Here is our full dumpster today before they came to haul it all away. Oddly enough our dumpster will also cost us by the pound to send stuff to the landfill 🙂



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